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Available adults
i have one male and three females all good breeding
age between 4 and 7  i want to sell all togather for
$1500     if you want to separate they will be $750

one male and four females   all breeding age and all
has had one or two litters   male will breed naturaly
with out ai if you keep his weight down   i want to sell
alltogather for$ 2500   if you want to separate it will
be $900 each

one male and two females    sell all for $1000   if you
want to separate $450 each  all breeding age only one
litter each for females

nothing wrong with these dogs  im just downsizing

Blood hounds  
I have one older female 7  she smiles at you  sweet  

German shepherd one male  blue color  sweet  still a
breeder  i have to many  around 7 yrs old  $75

I wont ship any adults  , must be picked up, and im not
going to send out pictures  just come look and meet
them yourselves, ALL ARE AKC FULL REG